Mongolia officially re-opened its border for international travelers on 14th February 2022.

The main requirements for entry to Mongolia

There are no requirements for vaccination and Covid-19 test result for entering Mongolia. All passengers shall fill out the Medical Declaration Form upon arrival in Mongolia. 

FAQs related to travel to Mongolia.

Should I be quarantined upon arrival in Mongolia?

No quarantine is required for all passengers into Mongolia.

Should I be required to show a full vaccination certificate?

You do not need to be fully vaccinated when traveling to Mongolia. Alternatively, Mongolia is welcoming visitors to get vaccinated while traveling through Mongolia.

Is covid-19 insurance mandatory when traveling to Mongolia?

Mongolia does not require Covid-19 insurance. Although, we kindly recommend you get travel insurance that covers Covid-19.

What to do, if I get infected with coronavirus while traveling in Mongolia?

Coronavirus infected travelers will be treated in Mongolia. The average treatment length is 7-10 days. 

Is coronavirus PCR test required upon entry and exit of Mongolia?

No PCR test is required upon arrival in Mongolia.

Although, PCR test results might be required when departing from Mongolia depending on your next destination.

What are Mongolian travel restrictions when traveling with children?

There is no requirement. 

What is the cost of the covid-19 test in Mongolia?

The rapid Covid-19 test costs between $7 and $10. The PCR test costs between $35 and $40.

What to do, If I have coronavirus symptoms while traveling in remote areas of Mongolia?

Your team should go to the nearest local hospital where you can get tested. If the Covid-19 test result is positive, you will take treatment in the hospital. 

What if one or some of the tour group members tested positive while traveling?

Travelers who got confirmed with covid-19 should be isolated and treated. All other tour members should be tested, and no isolation is required for the negative test result.

Who will pay for the Covid-19 test cost?

The traveler shall be responsible for the Covid-19 test cost.

What to do if I have Covid-19 symptoms upon arrival in Mongolia?

The suspicious passengers shall be tested upon arrival in Mongolia and get medical help in Mongolia.

Covid-19 Vaccination status in Mongolia

As of Feb 14, 2022,

• 2.171.647 persons out of Mongolian 3.3 million population have been fully vaccinated by Pfizer, Sputnik V, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Senopharma
• 1.014.148 persons get booster doze or the 3rd doze of vaccination

How do I get to Mongolia?

- Current direct flights to Mongolia from Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, and  Moscow. A direct flight between Mongolia and the US will be scheduled soon. 

Internal Travel Restrictions

There is no internal restriction for public services, entertainment, and public transport. However, there are fewer domestic flights and trains when compared to the ordinary time before the Covid-19 outbreak. Related organizations are working to reschedule frequent international flights and restore tourism.