Yolyn Am / Lammergeier's Ravine

Yolyn Am (Lammergeier's Ravine) is a deep and narrow gorge in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains of southern Mongolia. The valley is named after the Lammergeier, which is called Yol in Mongolian. The Lammergeier is an Old World vulture, hence the name is often translated to Ravine of the Vultures or Lammergeier's Ravine.

The valley is located in Gobi Three Beauty National Park.

Yolyn Am is found in the Zuun Saikhanii Nuruu (the Eastern Beauty) subrange of the Gurvan Saikhan (Three Beauty) Mountains. The area, as part of the Gobi Desert, sees little precipitation. However, Yolyn Am is notable for a deep ice field. The ice field reaches several meters thick by the end of winter, and is several kilometers long. In past decades it remained year-round, but in recent years, the ice field tends to disappear by early August.